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Medicinal Mushrooms from Antioxi


Why Antioxi

✔ A World of Choice

From the Americas to Asia, we seek out the finest farms to bring you the best ingredients.

✔ Customized Farming Practices

We set the bar high for our farming partners, ensuring the best strains, substrates, and growing conditions.

✔ Clinical Grade Processing

We don't cut corners, we only use the gold standard of manufactuirng for the purest products.

our processes in a snapshot

Operations & Quality

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Our Product Range

Antioxi Wholesale price list


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Purchase Time frames

Lead Times

Mushroom Powders

  • Single Mushroom Powders: 2 weeks
  • Mushroom Powder Mixes: 3 weeks

Mushroom Capsules

  • Single Mushroom Capsules: 2.5 weeks
  • Mushroom Capsule Mixes: 3.5 weeks

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