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Get To Know Antioxi

No 2 grapes are equal and the same can be said for mushrooms.

Each mushroom is so unique and requires specific methods of being farmed and extracted so that you can reap the best benefits.

We work with various farms located all over the world that have specifically been chosen for their expertise of farming clinical grade mushrooms. The farms we work with have been farming these mushrooms for generations and have perfected the process from strain to cultivation.

If you would like to know more regarding how to identify a quality mushroom extract, click below.

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3rd party tested (eurofins uk)


organic certified

Minimalistic 'Us vs Them' YouTube cover for a medicinal mushroom company. The left side features a beautifully illustrated, warm-colored medicinal mushroom, symbolizing natural healing. The right side displays a stark, cooler-colored pharmaceutical pill, representing conventional medicine. The subtle divide between the two sides implies the superiority of the natural approach. Above, the title 'Us vs Them: Choose Natural' is written in a modern, sleek font, enhancing the minimalist aesthetic of the image.


All The Difference

✔ A World of Choice

From the Americas to Asia, we seek out the finest farms to bring you the highest quality mushroom extracts.

✔ Customized Farming Practices

We set the bar high for our farming partners, ensuring the best strains, substrates, and growing conditions.

✔ Clinical Grade Processing

We don't cut corners, we only use the gold standard of manufactuirng for the purest products.

✔ Third Party Testing in the UK

We third party test al of our mushroom extracts here at Eurofins in the UK


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