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A man with a friendly expression is standing outdoors, giving a review of Antioxi Cordyceps mushroom supplements.

Improved Energy and Focus

Since incorporating Cordyceps into my routine, I've noticed increased vitality and mental clarity week by week. I also feel more energized and less sluggish overall.

Mark G.

 A black packet of Antioxi Reishi mushroom supplements with a white label featuring an illustration of a Reishi mushroom and capsules.

Really Recommend

I've been using Reishi for a few months now, primarily to support my cognitive function post-cancer treatment. I've noticed a significant improvement in clarity and mental sharpness. I would definitely suggest them to others.

Charlotte W.

A close-up of a hand holding an Antioxi Cordyceps mushroom supplement pouch. The black pouch features the Antioxi logo, an illustration of Cordyceps mushrooms, and notes on its vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and filler-free attributes.

Great for Boosting Energy

I love this Cordyceps. Compared to other brands, it blends easily, although its taste may not be as pleasant as other mushrooms. Despite that, I've found the effects to be worth it. I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, and Cordyceps has been a helpful companion during family holidays and on days when I need an extra energy boost. I always recommend Antioxi as my preferred brand :)

Alice O.

A close-up of a black pouch of Antioxi Reishi mushroom supplements, highlighting the product's origin from Zhejiang Province and the extraction from the fruiting body.

Amazing Reishi

Out of all the Reishi powders I have tried, this one is definitely the best. So dark and rich I love it!

Stracey P.

A man is holding a pouch of Antioxi Cordyceps mushroom supplements, displaying the product prominently.

Great Experience

I decided to try Cordyceps powder after hearing about its potential benefits for respiratory efficiency. I've noticed improvements in my breathing and energy levels since incorporating it into my routine. Thanks, Antioxi!

Theodore B.

Reishi Mushroom Extracts -  Powder and Capsules by Antioxi

Discover More About Antioxi Performance Pair

Nurtured in Inner Mongolia and JiangSu Province in China, our Cordyceps thrives in high humidity with scattered light, embodying its natural environment. We select pristine locations, far from contaminants, to ensure each step honors tradition and delivers the highest quality product.

Our precise hot water extraction method releases essential compounds like polysaccharides, including beta-glucan, and cordycepin. This precision extraction technique ensures the comprehensive utilisation of Cordyceps' properties, resulting in a scientifically refined and potent product.

Reishi thrives under the stewardship of generations of farmers in Zhejiang Province, where centuries-old wisdom informs its cultivation. Grown on specially selected logs in high humidity, with ample scattered light and oxygen, Reishi flourishes in the region's unique microclimate.

Our dual-extraction process harnesses Reishi's full potential, extracting polysaccharides, including beta-glucan, via hot water, and isolating triterpenes and germanium through ethanol extraction. This methodical approach ensures comprehensive utilization of Reishi's beneficial compounds, creating a product of both scientific excellence and potency.

Cordyceps and Reishi complement each other beautifully, creating the ideal duo for anyone looking to balance energy and relaxation. Cordyceps, known for its vitality-boosting properties, helps you stay active and energized throughout the day. In contrast, Reishi, celebrated for its soothing effects, helps you unwind and relax in the evening.

This combination ensures you can maintain peak performance during your active hours and enjoy calmness and restfulness when it's time to relax. Together, they provide a harmonious blend that supports both your dynamic and tranquil moments, making them the perfect pair for a well-rounded lifestyle.

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