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Top quality!

Great products, exactly what I was looking for! I started using Antioxi about 15 months ago and thought it was great value and great products. The only negative I have is the price increase the products. Otherwise great products!

Jamie S.

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Excellent Product, Great Company.

Delivered in time, easy packaging and a superb product.

Simon G.

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Tasty and High Quality

Since drinking Chaga with hot water daily, I feel more energized and vibrant.

Andrew A.

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Amazing Plant-Based Product

Chaga has been fantastic for helping me feel more energized. I mix it into decaf coffee in the morning. Antioxi is the best company I've found for functional mushroom products. I'll always use them.

Alice O.

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Great Tasting Chaga!

I really enjoy drinking Chaga in my coffee as I like the taste. I’m leaving this review after having consumed it for one month now. I started taking Chaga as part of my efforts to support my overall well-being.

Emily D.

A black Antioxi Chaga mushroom supplements pouch next to dried Chaga mushrooms and a black mug, with a hand holding a spoonful of powdered Chaga over the mug.

Discover More About Antioxi Chaga

Antioxi Chaga is sourced from Siberia's pristine forests, where temperatures plunge to -45°C to -30°C, ensuring unparalleled purity. We meticulously select remote locations, far from contamination, to honour tradition and deliver potent benefits.

Our choice of such pristine environments ensures that every step of our process remains true to the natural essence of Chaga, preserving its potency and inherent natural benefits for our valued customers.

Our dual-extraction process is meticulously calibrated, unlocking Chaga's full potential by extracting a wide range of beneficial compounds. Water extraction targets polysaccharides, including beta-glucan, while ethanol extraction isolates non-water-soluble compounds such as betulinic acid, triterpenes, and ergosterol.

Employing both extraction methods ensures full utilisation of Chaga's properties, yielding a scientifically refined, potent product.

Our commitment to purity is uncompromising. We surpass industry standards, rigorously testing for contaminants to ensure our Chaga is pristine. Independent verification by esteemed labs guarantees not just quality but absolute safety.

This rigorous testing and verification process is our assurance to customers that when they choose Antioxi Chaga, they are selecting a product of the highest quality and purity, backed by scientific rigour and integrity.

The Antioxi Logo. The circle "o" in Antioxi's logo symbolizes completeness and ongoing commitment to quality, while the underline signifies a strong foundation, emphasizing our rigorous scientific and ethical standards.




Certified organic under strict UK & EU standards, ensuring unmatched safety and quality.



Independently tested by Eurofins for 100% pure and potent extracts, ensuring maximum efficacy.



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