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A close-up of a hand holding a pouch of Antioxi Calm & Comfort Blend mushroom supplements, showcasing the product's sleek black packaging and clear labeling with an illustration of a Paw print.

An Amazing Product

I have been giving Calm & Comfort Blend to my dog from a month now and I can see her anxiety has been a lot better, she seems more calm and happy. I highly recommend this product for separation anxiety and general health.

Katrin I.

A partial view of a pet food bowl with kibble on a table, next to a black pouch of Antioxi's Calm & Comfort Blend for Pets.

Easy to Use

Our dog Charlie has been much more at ease since we started using the Calm & Comfort Blend. He seems to settle down more quickly at night. Highly recommend!

Michael B.

A Rottweiler sitting on a wooden deck, looking directly at the camera.

Game Changer!

I've been giving the Calm & Comfort Blend to my dog for a few months now and it's been a game changer!!! He's much more relaxed during car rides and thunderstorms. It's easy to mix into his food and he seems to love the taste which is a big plus in my books!

Mindy K.

A spoonful of Antioxi Calm & Comfort Blend for Pets being sprinkled over kibble in a pet food bowl, with a black pouch of Antioxi Calm & Comfort Blend for Pets behind it.


We've struggled with Luna getting anxious during storms since she was a pup but since we started adding this blend to her meals she's been much calmer. It's like night and day! Definitely worth a try for any pet parent.

Rachel T.

A close-up of a black pouch of Antioxi Calm & Comfort Blend for pets placed on a brown, soft surface. The black packaging reflects in the light, with clear text about its origin, extract, and extraction method.

Great Product!

My cat has been using this blend for about two months and I've noticed she's much less skittish and more affectionate! Happy kitty, happy owner- thank you Antioxi!!!

Amanda E.

A pouch of Antioxi Calm & Comfort mushroom supplement for pets is displayed next to a bowl of pet food and a spoonful of the supplement powder. The pouch emphasizes its benefits for calm and clever pets.

Discover More About Antioxi Calm & Comfort Mushroom Powder Blend

Our Calm & Comfort Blend for Pets combines premium ingredients sourced from pristine locations in various provinces of China. Each mushroom is carefully cultivated in its optimal environment for growth. We prioritise traditional methods and meticulously select uncontaminated areas to preserve the essence of nature in every blend.

This dedication ensures that our Calm & Comfort Blend for Pets provides potent benefits, tailored to your beloved pet's needs.

Using tailored extraction methods, our Calm & Comfort Blend is carefully crafted to ensure optimal extraction for each mushroom. Through hot water extraction, we target polysaccharides like beta-glucan, while dual extraction isolates non-water-soluble compounds such as hericenones and erinacines.

This precise process guarantees the full utilisation of each mushroom's beneficial properties, creating a scientifically refined and potent blend for your beloved pets.

Our unwavering commitment to purity surpasses industry standards. We conduct thorough tests to ensure our Calm & Comfort Blend is contaminant-free. Independent labs verify not just the quality but absolute safety of our ingredients.

Our meticulous testing and verification process ensures that when you choose Antioxi Calm & Comfort Blend for Pets, you're giving your pet a product of utmost quality and purity, backed by scientific excellence and integrity.

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Certified organic under strict UK & EU standards, ensuring unmatched safety and quality.



Independently tested by Eurofins for 100% pure and potent extracts, ensuring maximum efficacy.



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