Snow Fungus (Tremella)

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Size: 90 capsules


A scoop of Antioxi Tremella mushroom powder being added to a milk frother, highlighting its use in creating a nutritious and creamy beverage.

Creamy Tremella

I love this mushrooms so much. Tremella makes your oat milk more creamy, specially when you use milk frother. I like to mix all the mushrooms together with my coffee and oat milk every morning. What a boost of energy! Ps. My skin really appreciates this mushroom.

Ewa S.

A pouch of Antioxi Tremella mushroom supplement next to a glass of orange juice.


Trying Tremella for the first time has been a delight! It blends seamlessly into my coconut water and has quickly become a daily must-have. I've even noticed a positive difference in my skin since incorporating it into my routine. The delivery was exceptionally fast, and I've been happily recommending it to others!

Katie L.

A close-up of a black Antioxi Tremella mushroom supplement pouch placed on a marble surface, with capsules spilling from the top opening of the pouch.

Tremella Love!

Great company. Received on time. Product is 10/10. Would order again. What more can I say :-)

Craig J.

A pouch of Antioxi Tremella mushroom supplement placed next to a cup of coffee on a kitchen counter, illustrating its integration into a morning routine for added health benefits.

Super Supplement

Well one month in and I can see a difference in my skin and hair, really tasty addition to my morning coffee. I’m hooked!

Jacqui P.

A hand placed next to a pouch of Antioxi Tremella mushroom supplement on a wooden surface, showcasing the size of the product and emphasizing its natural, clean presentation.

Pretty Good!

I've been using Tremella for about 3 weeks with the hope of supporting my skin. While I haven't noticed major changes yet, my skin does feel a bit more plump. I believe it works over a longer period, so I'm hopeful! As always, Antioxi products are well-made, arrive without fuss, and are affordable. I also use their 8 Mushroom Blend, and I find it helps with my energy and focus throughout the day.

Sasha T.

A black Antioxi Tremella mushroom supplements pouch next to dried Tremella mushrooms and a black mug, with a hand holding a spoonful of white, powdered Tremella over the mug.

Discover More About Antioxi Tremella

Tremella thrives in Fujian Province, its perfect habitat for optimal growth. Cultivated by farmers with generations of expertise, it thrives in high humidity of 70-90% and temperatures below 30℃. Basking in scattered light and regular sprays of water, it remains far from agricultural and industrial areas.

Our careful selection of remote, pristine locations ensures each step of our process honours tradition, resulting in the delivery of potent benefits.

Our hot water extraction process is precisely calibrated, unlocking Tremella's full potential by extracting a wide range of beneficial compounds. Key compounds like polysaccharides, including beta-glucan and glucuronoxylomannan, are meticulously extracted from the fruiting body.

Through the use of hot water extraction, we guarantee the thorough utilisation of Tremella's properties, leading to the creation of a scientifically refined, potent product.

Our dedication to purity is unwavering. Surpassing industry standards, we rigorously test for contaminants to ensure pristine Tremella. Independent verification by esteemed labs guarantees not just quality but absolute safety.

This rigorous testing and verification process is our assurance to customers that when they choose Antioxi Tremella, they're selecting a product of the highest quality and purity, fortified by scientific rigour and integrity.

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Certified organic under strict UK & EU standards, ensuring unmatched safety and quality.



Independently tested by Eurofins for 100% pure and potent extracts, ensuring maximum efficacy.



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