Turkey Tail

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A close-up of a hand holding a pouch of Turkey Tail mushroom supplements. The pouch highlights that the Turkey Tail mushrooms are sourced from JiLin Province, with the extract consisting of 100% fruiting body and the extraction method being hot water.

Immune Support

As someone with psoriasis, an autoimmune condition, I've been exploring Turkey Tail as an immune modulator. After six weeks of taking these capsules, I've observed positive changes: my current flare has halted, existing patches are improving, and I've been less susceptible to winter illnesses. While personal experiences may vary, I'm pleased with the results so far.

Mary K.

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Great Product

I purchased this product and I am very happy with it. With long work hours, I need something to keep me going, and this product delivers. Highly recommend it if you're looking for a smooth day ahead. Love it.

Gregory K.

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Since incorporating Turkey Tail into my routine, I've noticed positive changes in my health and energy levels. Others have even commented on my improved appearance and increased activity. Additionally, I've observed improvements in my digestion.


A pouch of Antioxi Turkey Tail mushroom supplements on top of a red counter. On the right side of the Turkey Tail is a pouch of Antioxi Lion's Mane mushroom supplements.

Top Product and Great Value

This product has become a favorite of mine. It helps me feel good, supports healing, and boosts my energy levels. I simply mix one heaped teaspoon with water and drink it daily.

Ben R.

A close-up of a hand holding Antioxi Turkey Tail mushroom supplements, showcasing the sleek black packaging and highlighting the Turkey Tail's origin, type of extract and extraction method.

Great Support

Upon my acupuncturist's suggestion, I tried Turkey Tail for immune system support, especially regarding HSV outbreaks, and I've been pleasantly surprised by the results. The service from the company has been outstanding with quick delivery. Highly recommended!!

Sandra J.

A black Antioxi Turkey Tail mushroom supplements pouch next to dried Turkey Tail mushrooms and a black mug, with a hand holding a spoonful of powdered Turkey Tail over the mug.

Discover More About Antioxi Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail thrives in the lush landscapes of Jilin Province, China, where the environment is ideal for its growth. Turkey Tail naturally grows on decaying logs in mild temperatures, thriving particularly well in rainy conditions.

We hounor tradition by selecting pristine, uncontaminated locations to ensure Turkey Tail maintains its natural purity. Cultivated in perfect conditions, our Turkey Tail retains its potent benefits, delivering exceptional quality.

Our hot water extraction process is precisely calibrated, unlocking Turkey Tail's full potential by extracting a wide range of beneficial compounds. Key compounds like polysaccharides, including beta-glucan, are meticulously extracted from the fruiting body.

By employing this advanced hot water extraction method, we ensure the comprehensive utilisation of Turkey Tail's properties, leading to the creation of a scientifically refined, potent product.

Our dedication to purity is unwavering. Surpassing industry standards, we rigorously test for contaminants to ensure pristine Turkey Tail. Independent verification by esteemed labs guarantees not just quality but absolute safety.

This rigorous testing and verification process is our assurance to customers that when they choose Antioxi Turkey Tail, they're selecting a product of the highest quality and purity, fortified by scientific rigour and integrity.

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Certified organic under strict UK & EU standards, ensuring unmatched safety and quality.



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