Focus Coffee

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Size: 150 gram powder


Close-up of a black pouch of Antioxi Focus Mushroom Coffee placed on a kitchen counter.


I was looking for a coffee with a good amount of Lion's Mane and Rhodiola is a bonus! I like how it is 50/50 with the coffee as I shouldn't have too much caffeine. Definitely perks me up but doesn't cause jitters at all. Tastes lovely with oat milk.

Alice O.

Pouches of Antioxi Lion's Mane, Reishi and Tremella mushroom supplements placed on a wooden surface, with a mix of capsules placed in front of the pouches. The capsules each contain different coloured powders, namely white for Tremella, light yellow for Lion's Mane and brown for Reishi.


Really enjoyed this coffee more than my regular morning coffee. I didn’t feel so jittery and felt like I could focus more without that post coffee crash. Drink it along side taking my capsules.

Lisa H.

Slices of nut bread with butter on a plate next to a mug of foamy coffee made with Antioxi Focus mushroom coffee powder.

Great Stuff!

Trying it on its own, it had rather an unusual taste but it was quite palatable. I prefered it with soy milk though.... shaken vigorously in the carton to get a frothy top! Mmmmm. Enjoyed it with a couple of slices of home-made date and walnut loaf!

Cassandra S.

A close-up of a cup with brown, foamy liquid on the inside and water being poured into it from the side. Behind the cup sits a black pouch of Antioxi Focus mushroom coffee.

Shroom Focus Coffee

Best coffee I have ever tried. Very focused through the whole day, definitely recommend this to everyone!!

Tyler W.

A pouch of Antioxi focus mushroom coffee placed on a white surface, showing the sleek black packaging with light gray illustrations of mushrooms.

Fabulous Coffee

This coffee is so delicious. I'm a really fussy coffee flavour person and this ticks all the boxes for me. I also bought it for my mum.


mushroom coffee for focus

To Focus or not to Focus

In the misty hills of Yunnan, China, a dedicated farmer nurtures Arabica coffee plants, handpicking the ripest cherries at dawn. This ensures each bean contributes to enhanced mental clarity. Using traditional methods, fertile soil, and an ideal climate, our Arabica coffee develops a rich, smooth flavour. These premium beans are expertly processed into instant coffee, preserving their aroma and potency to help sharpen your focus and boost cognitive performance.

Our Focus Mushroom Coffee features premium extracts of Reishi, Lion's Mane, and Rhodiola Rosea. We utilize the optimal extraction method for each mushroom to obtain beneficial compounds like polysaccharides, including beta-glucans, and triterpenes.

This meticulous process ensures we harness the full potential of each mushroom's properties, creating scientifically refined and pure extracts for our blend.

With our commitment to precision blending, we've innovated the art of combining pure mushroom extracts with premium Arabica coffee, leading the industry with our meticulous approach.

By carefully harmonizing the flavours and beneficial properties of each ingredient, we ensure a balanced and potent final blend of utmost quality and purity, backed by scientific excellence and unwavering integrity.

The Antioxi Logo. The circle "o" in Antioxi's logo symbolizes completeness and ongoing commitment to quality, while the underline signifies a strong foundation, emphasizing our rigorous scientific and ethical standards.




Certified organic under strict UK & EU standards, ensuring unmatched safety and quality.



Independently tested by Eurofins for 100% pure and potent extracts, ensuring maximum efficacy.



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