A podcast dedicated to sharing people's journeys and personal health struggles—aiming to break the isolation often felt in these challenges by creating a supportive space where everyone feels understood and connected.

Marko Founder of Antioxi Speaking on the WWWY Podcast

Welcome to the "What's Wrong With You?" An Antioxi Podcast

Join the "What's Wrong With You?" podcast by Antioxi! Dive into real health journeys, inspiring stories, and valuable insights. First episode out on June 16, 2024. Be part of our supportive community!

"Chasing success led me to 6 seizures, with the last 1 almost killing me."

Kam - Episode 1 -WWWY w/ Marko Grensemann

"In school, I felt insignificant and believed that success was my way to prove them wrong."

Kam - Episode 1 -WWWY w/ Marko Grensemann

"My journey to balance is still ongoing, but the cost of success will not be my health."

Kam - Episode 1 -WWWY w/ Marko Grensemann

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