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Organic medicinal mushrooms have a fascinating history of being used as traditional Eastern medicine beginning as early as the 12th century for their extensive medicinal properties. Today, each mushroom species has been farmed and extracted in a precise approach to ensure all their unique traits are contained to provide you with incredible health benefits, improved well-being, mental clarity and an enhanced quality of life.  

Our organic mushroom supplements contain powerful antioxidant properties, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that provide beneficial effects on your body and mind.

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Image of fresh shiitake mushrooms arranged gracefully on and around a pedestal, showcasing their natural brown caps and white stems in a well-lit setting that emphasizes the mushrooms' texture and organic quality
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Third-Party Lab Testing

To deliver you the finest mushroom supplements, we conduct third-party lab testing.

The purpose of this testing ensures that the final product complies with specific safety and high-quality standards that we aspire to achieve in every batch that we manufacture. This is to ensure that we supply our customers with some of the best organic mushroom food supplements in the UK.

Home page hero image showcasing a range of five Antiox products, including three pouches of fine powder and two pouches of capsules, all derived from various medicinal mushrooms. Each powder pouch is accompanied by a spoon dusted with its corresponding powder, while raw mushrooms are elegantly displayed on small pedestals. Capsules are artistically scattered around the pouches, highlighting the natural ingredients and the health-focused essence of the products.
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Science-Based Clinical Approach

We carry out extensive quality control methods to ensure we deliver the best organic medicinal mushrooms.

Clinical grade
Our mushroom extracts are safe and good for you

Proven Results
We use gold standard studies to make sure our products work

600+ studies
We keep up to date with the latest research

Access to Global Farms

The wild mushroom species' are expertly farmed to extract the highest-quality compounds. 

Selected strains - Special mushroom strains to promote bio-active compounds

Log grown - Using wood formulae to grow better quality mushrooms

Funghi Experts - Generational family farms dedicated to quality

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Building Trust With Transparency

We are a trusted mushroom extract manufacturer in the UK. Give our testimonials a read below.

Being open about how we do things shows we care about doing the right thing

Each batch is tested and can be traced to a 3rd party lab

Enough Said




Organic Mushroom Supplements. Functional Foods With Flare

Looking to buy the right organic mushroom supplement?

We aspire to supply our customers with the best mushroom supplements in the UK and we are guaranteed to have the ideal mushroom blend for you

Our extracts are available in easy to use forms: powder & capsules. We also have ready mixed mushroom coffee, giving you a wide range of options for consumption.

Below is a small selection of our available organic medicinal mushrooms. To view more of our mushroom products, take a look here.

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It’s an easy way to boost your immune health. Speeding up your ability to fight off bad bacteria & viruses. So you can feel less run-down. And more naturally balanced.

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