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Size: Loose Leaf - 40g


Close up of a hand holding a tea bag filled with Antioxi Gut Mushroom Tea loose leaf blend.

Refreshing and Delicious!

I've been drinking Gut Mushroom Tea for a few weeks in the mornings and it's fantastic. This blend is so refreshing and I feel great after drinking it! Can't go without it in the mornings now.

Emily T.

Antioxi Gut Mushroom Tea box next to a cup with tea strainer filled with loose leaf ingredients placed on top of the cup.

Perfect After Dinner

This blend has become my favourite drink after dinner. Plus the combinations of flavours is just right!

Sarah K.

A close-up of Antioxi Gut Mushroom Tea tea-box next to a partially visible cup and tea-bag, highlighting the product's ingredients listed on the box.

Great Mushroom Tea

I first read about mushroom tea online and after doing a bit of research I came across this blend. I'm so glad I did! I love how easy to use the tea bags are and the taste is absolutely fantastic. The product arrived very fast and I can feel a difference in my digestion after only 2 weeks of using it.

Cam R.

A close-up of Antioxi Gut Mushroom Tea tea-box laying down on a wooden surface with a spoonful of loose leaf ingredients placed on top of the box.

Tastes Great!

This tea has a unique flavour that I really enjoy. It's not just delicious but makes my gut feel more comfortable. Highly recommend it if you're looking for a delicious tea with added benefits!

Jake W.

Antioxi Gut Mushroom Tea box placed on a white surface, next to a cup with tea strainer filled with loose leaf ingredients placed on top of the cup.

Mushroom Tea

The mix of peppermint and ginger with a hint of lemon is very tasty. I've been drinking the Gut Mushroom Tea blend in the evenings and it's helped immensely with regulating my digestion and overall I've noticed I'm feeling better.

Michelle E.

Antioxi uk Mushroom Tea for gut health


Our Gut Tea is crafted from the finest natural ingredients. We source Chaga Extract from pristine forests, Peppermint Leaves from lush gardens, Cardamom Pods from tropical plantations, Ginger Root from fertile soils, and Dried Lemon from sun-kissed orchards. Together, they create a blend that embodies the essence of nature.

Each ingredient in our Gut Tea blend is carefully selected and scientifically refined to maximize its benefits. Advanced extraction and preservation techniques ensure that the antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and digestive aids are retained, offering a tea that supports your digestive health.

Our Gut Tea is designed to enhance your digestive wellness. With its unique blend of immune-boosting Chaga, soothing Peppermint, digestive-aiding Ginger, aromatic Cardamom, and refreshing Lemon, this tea promotes gut health, aids digestion, and provides a calming, enjoyable experience in every cup.

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Certified organic under strict UK & EU standards, ensuring unmatched safety and quality.



Independently tested by Eurofins for 100% pure and potent extracts, ensuring maximum efficacy.



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