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Functional Tea | Vitality

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Explore The Benefits of Our Vitality Tea

Mushroom Tea | Vitality Blend

The Vitality Blend uses the best ingredients to bring you the best results. Visit each product page to explore the benefits of our Shroom Tea Blend.

pure extracts

organic ingredients

30 Day Guarantee

3rd Party Tested (EUROFINS UK)

Image of fresh shiitake mushrooms arranged gracefully on and around a pedestal, showcasing their natural brown caps and white stems in a well-lit setting that emphasizes the mushrooms' texture and organic quality

clinical grade mushroom extracts

We Give a Shiitake

  • Each region carefully selected for their generational experience,
  • 100% Pure Extracts - No grain Fillers
  • Multi-Step Extraction process - Feel the Difference
  • Third Party Testing - Quality Matters, Always!
  • Click below to understand how to distinguish between good and bad quality mushrooms.


Batches are tested to ensure they are safe from harmful bacterial & microbial contamination.


Our mushrooms are grown organically and tested for pesticides ensuring our extracts are pure.

Active Ingredients

Each batch is tested for active compounds such as beta-glucans, triterpenes and cordycepin.

Antioxi Mushroom Lab Report Beaker Logo

Heavy Metals

Our mushrooms are regularly batch tested for heavy metals and heald against EU & US standards.

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