The Radiant Glow Pair

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Size: 90 capsules (180 total)


A close-up of a pouch of Antioxi Chaga mushroom supplements, with a person holding a cup of dark liquid in the background, likely with Chaga mushroom supplement mixed into the liquid.

Tasty and High Quality

Since drinking Chaga with hot water daily, I feel more energized and vibrant.

Andrew A.

A scoop of Antioxi Tremella mushroom powder being added to a milk frother, highlighting its use in creating a nutritious and creamy beverage.

Creamy Tremella

I love this mushrooms so much. Tremella makes your oat milk more creamy, specially when you use milk frother. I like to mix all the mushrooms together with my coffee and oat milk every morning. What a boost of energy! Ps. My skin really appreciates this mushroom.

Ewa S.

A close-up of a hand holding a pouch of Antioxi Chaga mushroom supplements, showing the black packaging with clear text about its origin, extract, and extraction method.

Amazing Plant-Based Product

Chaga has been fantastic for helping me feel more energized. I mix it into decaf coffee in the morning. Antioxi is the best company I've found for functional mushroom products. I'll always use them.

Alice O.

A pouch of Antioxi Tremella mushroom supplement next to a glass of orange juice.


Trying Tremella for the first time has been a delight! It blends seamlessly into my coconut water and has quickly become a daily must-have. I've even noticed a positive difference in my skin since incorporating it into my routine. The delivery was exceptionally fast, and I've been happily recommending it to others!

Katie L.

A pouch of Antioxi Tremella mushroom supplement placed next to a cup of coffee on a kitchen counter, illustrating its integration into a morning routine for added health benefits.

Super Supplement

Well one month in and I can see a difference in my skin and hair, really tasty addition to my morning coffee. I’m hooked!

Jacqui P.

Antioxi Tremella Mushroom Extract Capsules and Powder

Discover More About Antioxi Radiant Glow Pair

Antioxi Chaga is sourced from Siberia's pristine forests, where frigid temperatures ensure unparalleled purity. We meticulously select remote locations to honor tradition and deliver potent benefits, preserving Chaga's natural essence.

Our dual-extraction process, using water to extract polysaccharides like beta-glucan and ethanol to isolate compounds like betulinic acid and triterpenes, ensures full utilization of Chaga's properties, resulting in a scientifically refined and potent product.

Tremella flourishes in Fujian Province, China, where high humidity and cool temperatures create the perfect environment for growth. Cultivated by farmers with generations of expertise in remote, pristine locations away from agriculture and industry, Tremella maintains its natural purity and potency.

Our hot water extraction process is carefully calibrated to unlock Tremella's full potential, extracting a range of beneficial compounds from the fruiting body, including polysaccharides like beta-glucan and glucuronoxylomannan. This method ensures the complete utilization of Tremella’s properties, resulting in a product of both scientific excellence and potency.

Tremella and Chaga are the ultimate duo for achieving a radiant glow. Tremella, known as the "beauty mushroom," excels in hydrating the skin, keeping it moisturized and supple, enhancing its natural luminosity and youthful appearance. Chaga, the "king of mushrooms," complements Tremella with its rich antioxidant content, protecting skin from environmental stressors and promoting a clear, even complexion.

Together, Tremella and Chaga offer a comprehensive approach to skincare, combining hydration, protection, and soothing benefits. This pairing is ideal for those seeking to elevate their skincare routine with natural, effective ingredients for a radiant glow.

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