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functional_chocolate by Antioxi

Antioxi and Tulā Code: Redefining Indulgence with Functional Chocolate

Antioxi and Tulā Code are Partnering for a Transformative Mother's Day Collaboration: Redefining Indulgence with Functional Chocolate

Antioxi, a leader in functional medicinal mushrooms, and Tula Code, a pioneer in healthy, functional chocolates, are thrilled to announce a ground-breaking collaboration this Mother's Day. This partnership embodies the essence of ancient wisdom blended with cutting-edge innovation to redefine the indulgence experience.

  1. A Special Mushroom Chocolate for Hormonal Balance:
    The centrepiece of this collaboration is a meticulously crafted, limited-edition mushroom chocolate. This unique treat incorporates Antioxi's renowned, high-quality organic mushroom extracts with Tula Code's expertise in creating delectable, health-centric chocolates. Specifically designed to support hormonal balance, this offering serves as a heartfelt tribute to mothers navigating the complexities of menopause.

  2. Rooted in Nature's Bounty:
    This initiative celebrates the power of organic living and its profound impact on well-being. Antioxi brings its deep understanding of mushrooms' healing potential, while Tula Code contributes its dedication to crafting delicious, organic chocolates with health-promoting ingredients.

  3. A Shared Commitment to Transparency and Innovation:
    Both Antioxi and Tulā Code share a deep commitment to purity, transparency, and the integration of traditional knowledge with scientific innovation. This collaboration brings together their unique passions: Antioxi's foundation in the healing power of mushrooms and Tula Code's dedication to nutrition and longevity inspired by ancestral wisdom.

  4. Revolutionising Wellness for Health-Conscious Individuals:
    This partnership goes beyond indulgence, offering a holistic solution that nurtures the body, soothes the mind, and uplifts the spirit. The limited-edition mushroom chocolate exemplifies a new wave of wellness offerings crafted for individuals who prioritise their health and well-being.

 mushroom chocolate collaboration - tula code x antioxi



  • Our commitment to quality is not just a promise, it's a personal mission. Inspired by a family's fight against cancer, we've felt the emotional weight of illness and the stark need for empathy. This reality fuels our dedication to providing not only the highest quality mushroom extracts, verified by rigorous third-party testing, but also compassionate service that honors the journey of each individual we serve. At the heart of our business is a profound understanding that every customer's journey is deeply personal, and we are committed to being a part of that journey with integrity and care” - Daniela Vogl, co-founder of Antioxi

  • "Embarking on a personal quest to address my own health challenges, I delved deep into the world of nutrition. This exploration was transformative, revealing the profound influence of nutrients and lifestyle choices on our cellular health and the synergistic workings of body, mind, and soul. At Tulā Code, we're dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace a healthier, longer life through our products." - Monica Martini, Founder of Tulā Code

Shop our limited-edition Mother's Day mushroom chocolate click here.

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About Antioxi:

Antioxi is a marketplace that brings the most well documented and researched functional mushrooms and superfoods to people.

Our journey into entrepreneurship stems from dissatisfaction with the lack of transparency in the mushroom and health market. Faced with confusing labels, ever-changing health trends, and a lack of clarity about the quality of products, we realised that the world we thought was black and white left a lot of room for confusion, and so, Antioxi was born.

About Tula Code:

Tulā Code emerged by combining wisdom from Ayurveda, TCM, ancestral traditions from around the world and scientific insights to create a balanced whole-body approach to health. Tulā Code’s products are grounded in this code, and are crafted to support a lifestyle for healthy longevity.

Tulā Code’s mission is to shift mindsets about ageing, spotlighting the vital role of preventative healthcare. We're dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace a healthier, longer life.

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